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PT. Duyuen Group Indonesia (Banten, Indonesia)

As Indonesia's infrastructure and economy developed, the industrial sector in Indonesia is also growing. Industrial machines are no longer monopolized by Germany, but machines from China have also been proven to be of high quality at more affordable prices and are now widely used in factories in Indonesia.

We sell types of machinery for AAC Plant along with spare parts and components for factory use. In addition, we also accept machine manufacturing in accordance with consumer needs. This is our support for our customers for their After Sales needs and for guaranteed Spare Parts needs. So consumers can carry out production activities safely.
Our factory is located in Jiangsu, China. We have years of experience in making industrial machinery. Besides Indonesia, we also supply to several other Southeast Asian countries including Thailand and Vietnam.


Contribute to Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction, Establish Environmental Protection Society


Quality Oriented Service with Competitive Price



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