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Boiler Machine

 Boilers are also known as steam boilers. Serves as an industrial heating machine designed with a size large enough. The boiler engine uses heat from the combustion of fuel, the combustion heat then combustion heat flowed into the water to produce steam (water vapor that has a high temperature). In general, boilers are used to convert chemical energy stored in fuel into heat energy that is transferred to the working fluid.
Boiler engine prices vary depending on the size and specifications. Aside from being a boiler / boiler fabrication, we also sell boiler spare parts according to your needs.

Boiler engine components:
1. Furnace
2. Steam Drum
3. Superheater
4. Air Heater
5. Dust Collector (Ash Collector)
6. Regulatory Disposal of Used Gas
7. Safety Valve
8. Sight Glass
9. Disposing of Kettle Water
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